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overwhelming bills

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Disabled, in need, can anyone help?


  I am disabled, with no job, my direct deposit that comes only once a month is now on hold, because I was scammed at my bank through my account, and the bank is holding me in lockdown untill I come up with the $7,500 dollars that they got taken for. It is not my fault, but I am being held responsible.

  I get ssi disability, and anyone who knows about it knows you can not make ends meet on that. I am single, doing this on my own, I am disabled due to a carwreck, bills out the ying-yang, giving it all the effort I can.

  Any amount of money would be helpful, but even the aforementioned $7,500 is just the tip of the iceberg. I am in an overwhelming dilemma, I see no help in sight. I have been trying to fill out surveys for money, gimme a break what a joke!

  I don't know what to do, does anyone even read these, that can/will help? I don't have a vehicle, I am on the bare minimum of existence, no phone, no pets, no cable, and I am still overwhelmed.

Please Help!


Jesse Rogers

401 S. Parkway Dr. # 12

Bloomington, Indiana  47403      United States of  America



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I am disabled due to a carwreck I was in, I am overwhelmed with bills! I am struggling to get by on social security implement. I have medical bills, a bare apartment, I go to the missions to eat, I have personal things that need tending to, I need HELP! Any funding available to assist me would be greatly appreciated. I keep hearing about things that I only need 399.99 to pay and I can get a grant, or however much they want me to pay, I DON'T HAVE any money to invest. I sleep on the floor in the apartment I can barely afford. I don't have my own transportation, I take the bus when it runs. Bills are piling up over my head, I have things that I need to go to the doctor about, and can't get the money to go. I am in a serious situation!!


Jesse Rogers

401 S. Parkway Dr. apt# 12

Bloomington, IN 47403                                  

Please HELP!

I have provided my home address and my e-mail addresses!

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